5 Important Kayak fishing tips

Fishing is an interesting activity on its own. Combining it with kayaking has a synergistic effect creating a thrilling experience. Kayak fishing is, however, a totally different activity than regular fishing. It is important to familiarize yourself with this sport before hitting the waters.

Understanding the fundamental differences between a normal fishing boat and a kayak is central to kayak fishing. A kayak has far less space and is much more unstable than a normal fishing boat. This requires you to be balancing on the kayak, while fishing. Below are some tips that may be of help in helping you master the art:

1.Getting the right kayak

There are types of kayaks, some designed for fishing. These kayaks have more space and more balance making it easier for one to fish on the kayak. Some of these kayaks are built with comfortable seats and have built in storage compartments for transporting your gear, as well as the catch.

Customize your kayak​ :

If you can't get a kayak designed for fishing, there is the option of modifying the common kayak. You can strap on a paddle leash, holder or clip to the side. This will allow you to easily take your hands off the paddle. Fit in a more comfortable back rest on the kayak, for you will be spending more time in the waters. Fix rod holders, and try to create attachment sites where you can hang your gear. You may also carry a small anchor.

2.Choosing the right fishing spot, and season

Sight fishing is part of the fun of kayak fishing. This is because it has the advantage of being so close to the water, thus allowing you to spot where the shoals are. This can, however, be achieved if you can identify areas with clear fishing waters. It is also important to go fishing when the fish are mature. Consider contacting local kayak fishing enthusiasts on these matters.

3.Angling skills

Maintaining balance on a kayak while at the same time working with fishing gear is an art. Mastering this will involve learning a number of techniques:

One hand paddling: You have to be in a position to cast repeatedly to targets while at the same time staying on the move. The best way to do this is to have one hand on the paddle and another on the fishing rod. It may be challenging at first, but you will learn it eventually.

Drifting: this is a great technique that will enable you to locate more fish on a kayak. Paddle a bit in the preferred direction, then flow with the currents to your target.

Using an anchor. This can be particularly handy in a windy environment or when you want to stay within a target area. You can also cast to a target to anchor yourself. Large fish such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits can drag you or keep you contained in one area.

Use swift movements when approaching fish. In sight fishing, you have to be extra careful not to spook away the fish. Paddle gently and practice smooth lure changing. Drifting is also a good way to approach a shoal

best Kayak Fishing tips

4.Handling fish

Making a big catch is most fishermen's desire. In kayak fishing, a five-pound fish can tow your boat around easily. You can control this by having the right test line. A 10lb or 20lb line would be ideal allowing you to be dragged a few hundred yards by the common fish species.


The biggest danger kayak fishing is harsh weather, especially fog. Avoid going out in bad weather as you can easily get lost, or be hit by oncoming vessels due to poor visibility.

With the above tips, you can feel confident enough to hit the waters. Enjoy your fishing trip.

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