And suddenly you discovered that your dell laptop is not booting instead of it's making noises
and that's probably why you are here.

So if your dell inspiron 15 3000 series or could be any dell inspiron model that's not booting like whenever you press the power button it's not even turning on the display on which means there's a black  deep dark display and it's beeping 4 times and continues till it turned off.

If the problem seems similar then you are on the right place. Let's fix this,

Okay first of all you have to understand what the problem is,

as we can hear 4 beep and the display is not turning on that means there's a BIOS error which stopping the laptop from booting.

How to Solve this? well follow the instruction blew:

4 beeps on startup no display : Solutions

Dell inspiron 4 beeps on startup no display _ Solved
  1. Turn the laptop off and remove the battery
  2. Open the back-part of your laptop with a screw driver where your ram is
  3. Remove the CMOS battery and try replacing with a new one
  4. after inserting a new CMOS battery try plugin the charger without inserting the laptop battery and try to boot the laptop.
    if that works fine, if not keep following the step blew
  5. Unplug the charger and remove the ram, if you have 2 ram remove both of them
  6. Clean the ram and insert one of them and try to boot the laptop
  7.  Still if it doesn't work insert the ram in the 2nd slot
  8. Now boot the laptop. it has to be work.
  9. If this works and your laptop boot normally you can put back your 2nd ram if you want to
  10. Done

Well if you are having problem with following instruction you can follow this video too

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