How to Type Tilde on 60 Keyboard

To type a tilde on a 60% keyboard, hold the Alt key and press the tilde key. Adding a tilde to your writing can enhance readability, add flair to your content, and also serve specific linguistic purposes.

Whether you are typing in Spanish, Portuguese, or various programming languages, mastering how to type a tilde efficiently is essential. In this guide, we will explore the keyboard shortcuts and techniques required to easily insert a tilde on a compact 60% keyboard.

By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly incorporate the tilde symbol into your digital communication. Let’s delve into the specifics of typing a tilde on a 60% keyboard to enhance your typing skills and overall experience.

How to Type Tilde on 60 Keyboard


Methods For Typing Tilde On A 60 Keyboard

When it comes to typing the tilde (~) on a 60% keyboard, there are a few methods you can use to input this character efficiently. The compact nature of 60% keyboards means that some keys, including the tilde, are not directly accessible. However, with the right techniques, you can easily type the tilde whenever you need it. In this article, we’ll explore the methods for typing the tilde on a 60% keyboard, highlighting two primary approaches that you can use to input this essential character.

One way to type the tilde on a 60% keyboard is to have a dedicated key for this character. Some 60% keyboards come with a dedicated tilde key, making it effortless to input the tilde whenever it’s needed. Depending on your keyboard’s layout, the tilde key may be positioned in different locations, typically near the top left corner of the keyboard. If your 60% keyboard includes a dedicated tilde key, using it is the most straightforward and convenient method for typing the tilde character.

If your 60% keyboard does not have a dedicated tilde key, you can still type the tilde using key combinations. For Windows users, you can input the tilde by pressing the ‘Alt’ key and entering 126 on the numerical keypad. On Mac keyboards, you can type the tilde using the combination ‘Option’ + ‘n’, followed by the letter ‘n’ (e.g., ñ). Additionally, you can use keyboard shortcuts or remap keys to create your own custom key combination for typing the tilde on a 60% keyboard.

How to Type Tilde on 60 Keyboard


Using A Dedicated Tilde Key

Want to type the tilde symbol on a 60% keyboard? Simply remap a dedicated tilde key for easy access. By customizing your keyboard layout, you can effortlessly input the tilde symbol without the hassle of complex key combinations. Customizing your keyboard layout is the key to simplifying the typing process.

In the top left corner of the keyboard, the Tilde key can be found on a 60% keyboard.Press the Tilde key followed by the letter you’d like to include the tilde over to effortlessly type the tilde character.

Using Key Combinations

Understanding Key Combinations On A 60 Keyboard

Key combinations involve pressing multiple keys simultaneously to activate specific functions.

Typing Tilde With Key Combinations

To type a tilde (~) on a 60% keyboard, use the following key combination:

  • Press and hold: Fn key
  • Simultaneously press: Shift key + ` key
How to Type Tilde on 60 Keyboard


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Type Tilde On 60 Keyboard

How Do You Type A Tilde On A 60 Keyboard?

To type a tilde on a 60 keyboard, press the key combination of “Alt” and “Numpad 126” or “Alt” and “Numpad 0126”. This will produce the tilde symbol “~” on your screen.


Mastering the art of typing tilde on a 60% keyboard can greatly enhance your efficiency and productivity. With the simple methods and shortcuts outlined you can seamlessly integrate this essential typing skill into your daily computing tasks. As you continue to familiarize yourself with these techniques, you will undoubtedly find yourself typing tilde effortlessly and with confidence.